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Types of Fashion Earrings Every Woman Should Know

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Earrings are a piece of every woman’s heart as they are an important part of enhancing their style and look. When it comes to jewellery, every woman has her own unique taste and choice. With a jewelry box full of earrings collection there is always place for new ones because earrings are the must on every dress. Most of the Jewellery Designing experts say that the selection of earrings keep on changing over time. But to make a perfect fashion statement it is essential to choose earrings wisely. Not all earrings go well with every outfits. Earrings are worn by women of all ages, from childhood to the old age. Here is the list of different types of earrings every woman should have to make a style statement while she wears anything out of her wardrobe.

Jhumka Earrings: These are one of the most desirable accessories ever created mostly worn by women. It is a type of earring that has a bell-type structure hanging below the ears. While Jhumka earrings are mostly worn with Indian traditional attires, today it is also paired with western outfits to create a fusion effect.

Stud Earrings or Tops: These are also known as tops which are small type of earrings which you insert with a post and then put a cap on the back side so they don't fall out. Fashion stud earrings are available in many designs like cluster earrings or big stud earrings made of different materials. Stud earrings can be worn at any place or on any occasion.

Drop Earrings: These are an extension of stud earrings that fall slightly below the earlobe but stay fixed close to the ears and hang down below the earlobe but almost standing. These earrings are perfect for a date or at any occasion like weddings and parties.

Oxidized earrings: These earrings are the bestsellers of the era. Almost every girl has one or more pair of oxidized earrings as they are extremely cheap and can be found anywhere without any hustle.

Chandbali Earrings: No earrings can match up the style, the grace, the magnificence, and the richness of chandbalis. “Chand” means moon and “bali” is type of round shape earring so it means earring that looks like a moon, and definitely this type of earrings do justice to their name. Chandbalis always makes a fashion statement.

Dangler Earrings: These are similar to drop earrings. They have a fixed part on the top that sits tightly on the earlobe while the remaining of the earring hangs down freely below the ears. They have a complex design and somewhat higher glam quotient than stud earrings. These are fancy and have a charm that can go with any attire. Dangler earrings are the most stylish and bouncy jewellery type. They are very handy and can be added to a pair of formal wear as well as to a saree or for a party.

Hoop Earrings: These are the lightest pieces of jewellery any woman can wear. These are loved and embellished by women from different cultures and eras. These are also called loop earrings which are in the shape of a shiny bangle that stretches from the front of your earlobe to the back. They come in different sizes starting from as small as the size of a ring to the size of a huge bangle.

Tassel Earrings: These are type of dangler earrings that has a top element attached to the earlobe and long threads hanging from it. Tassels come in a variety of designs and materials. These can be colorful, fabric or crystal. You can pair tassels with any type of outfits and can wear on any occasion. They can be worn with almost all the outfits.

Now you have to decide what type of earrings are missing in your collection? What do you desire to add right away? Why wait for tomorrow, do it now and get ready to enhance your look?

It’s the best idea to have one of each earring type in your jewellery box to change your look more often. Search for affordable and modern designs of earrings that can go well with all your outfits and which would make it possible for you to choose many.

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